QOTD: Irrational

“Irrationality, so far from being an obstacle, has historically led to peace, security and strength, and is indispensable to society: it is rational institutions— republics, elective monarchies, democracies, associations founded on the enlightened principles of free love—that collapse soonest; authoritarian churches, hereditary monarchies and aristocracies, traditional forms of life, like the highly irrational institution of the family, founded on lifelong marriage—it is they that persist.”

— Isaiah Berlin, 1973

Long Weekend Miscellany

Some knives went through heat-treating. All survived! 

We also grilled enough meat to put our own little hole in the ozone layer. (Is the ozone layer still a thing? It's hard to keep up with this stuff.) 

In national news, the campaign of the Coughing Oven Mitt is reinforcing the narrative of an election to be rigged by the Russians. I mentioned this last week, and it's continuing. The goal here is to get the rhetorical and memetic tools in place to invalidate a Clinton loss. I think it's a mistake to underestimate the 2nd and 3rd order effects of this, should she succeed in getting the election results tossed out in either the Federal Court, or the Court of Public Opinion. 

I actually am about 50% persuaded that the Dems have known they are going to lose this election for a long time, and that Clinton is their Bob Dole: someone to keep up appearances during their rebuilding term. The only goal for them in this cycle is to do as much damage as they can on the way out. The best way to do that is to sow doubt about the legitimacy of their opponent's victory. It's like the Soviets burning all the grain in Stalingrad while retreating before the German 6th Army. "OK, you can have the city, but you won't be able to survive the winter, and we'll regroup overrun you in the spring when you're all starved and frozen."

The plan eventually worked for the Soviet Army, but it wasn't a very good deal for the residents of Stalingrad. Likewise, the Dems may succeed in sowing enough doubt in the validity of the election results to spoil Trump's first term (or prevent it entirely?), but I think there would be profound negative effects on the ground for all of us, not that it matters much to would-be Emperor Cat-lady and the rest of the Cloud People. 

Lest anyone think I'm only making excuses for Trump's certain poor performance as president: I think he'll be a poor president regardless. I certainly don't expect to benefit from a Trump presidency even if he has a glorious and spotless victory. I'm just charting the moral trajectory of 21st century American politics to it's terminus. 

QOTD: Exit Stage Right

Remus, author of excellent weekly blog The Woodpile Report, has a clear view of the socio-political environment of USA 2016: 

"There's nothing in any of this for sincere people of good will. The opportunity for live and let live has come and gone. Stay away from crowds."

And he's right. The environment on the street is only going to get more hostile from here. The narrative structures necessary to sow sufficient doubts about the results of the election are being established. Thence comes the Great National Emergency. 

Apres moi, la deluge. 

Intersectionality, Indeed.

In all the media swirl surrounding 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick's sitting in protest of the national anthem before a game (because white people), I'm surprised to read that Kaepernick is a recent convert to islam. That little bit of knowledge, plus his recent involvement with racist/marxist "black lives matter" movement, are the latest in a series of events that convince me more and more that there is a convergence between racist/marxist black-nationalism and muslim jihad happening in the US. 

Finally! A practical use for intersectional social theory!

Sounds crazy? How about this story about the construction of a mosque in Newton County, GA? Set aside the fact that the builders called it a "Church" in order to deceive the residents and planning board members. Now there is a fight over the approval of their plans, and residents are saying things like this at the board meetings:  

“I don’t want these people and these teachings in our community. Were we not watching our TV on Sept. 11, 2001? Have we lost our mind? Have we lost our common sense here?”

Oh, heavens!

Now that the public is onto them, guess who is coming to the legal aid of these sneaky muslims? Georgia CAIR (of course.) and Georgia NAACP (surprise!). Maybe I'm late to this party, but doesn't that seem like a strange partnership? I'm not aware there being any muslim/arab slaves in the antebellum South. Not to mention the irony of the NAACP partnering with the premier lobbying arm of the all-time world champions of slavery. Muslims have been enslaving whoever they could catch for longer than the USA has existed, and continue the practice today from the middle east, to England.

Without any clear historical motive for their cooperation, that leaves ideology and money.  I think there is a pretty high correlation between between the list of Whiteys and the list of Infidels that need to be subjugated in the United States, so there's going to be some tactical benefits to both BLM and Jihad in this partnership. As for money, the 2015 NAACP-LDF IRS paperwork had the sources of their $14M in revenue neatly obscured by eight different fundraising entities, so I'm not sure there's an easy way to find out how much of their annual budget comes from Saudi oil money. Alas.

[Aside: I'm not discussing the NOI here, though certainly germane, simply because they have been a known bad-actor for so long that nobody cares to hear about them any more. They are the Code Pink of racist/marxist black-nationalism.]

Maybe, after fifty years, Grievance Inc. is finally leaving the plantation of the Democrat Party for the plantation of jihad. Maybe not, but I bet we'll soon know. At any rate, there is a clear correlation in both groups' preferred methods of street-level messaging. 

QOTD: The Fifth Column

"When, in  1936, General Emilio Mola announced that he would capture Madrid because he had four columns outside the city and a fifth column of sympathizers within, the world pounced on the phrase with the eagerness of a man who has been groping for an important word. The world might better have been stunned as by a tocsin of calamity. For what Mola had done was to indicate the dimension of treason in our time... Other ages have their individual traitors... But in the 20th century, for the first time, men banded together by millions in movements like Fascism and Communism, dedicated to the purpose of betraying the institutions they lived under. In the 20th century, treason became a vocation whose modern form was specifically a treason of ideas." 

Whittaker Chambers, Witness


QOTD: Terrorism

"I'm sure most, if not all of you know that most Arab armies are crap. But, when Arabs fight, in accordance with their own traditions, which is irregular light cavalry warfare, they've proven quite good at it. We call it terrorism. The passing way of war always calls the arriving way of war terrorism. To the knights on horseback, musketeers were terrorists. There were actually rules ordering their eyes to be put out if they were captured."

-William S. Lind, The Four Generations of Modern War

Designating an enemy as "terrorists", no matter how brutal and wicked they are, is really a protest among the other players that such-and-such is not playing by the rules. I think it's also a signal of weakness or inability to cope with a defection from the rules. But you can't take your ball and go home in geopolitics. Peace is a goal, but war is a fact. And the rules of the dar-al-harb are written by the aggressor. The rules of Pax Americana only stood while we were able to enforce them. Those days ended in 'Nam. 

We endanger ourselves when we can't handle being engaged other than by our own rules. This is why we have borders, actually, or one reason. Familial, social, and national. Borders tell us what rules apply, and how we can expect to be engaged. 

QOTD: Irrepressable Conflict

"It is part of the failure of the West to understand that it is at grips with an enemy having no moral viewpoint with itself, that two irreconcilable viewpoints and standards of judgement, two irreconcilable moralities, proceeding from two irreconcilable readings of man's fate and future are involved, and, hence, their conflict is irrepressible."

- Whittaker Chambers, Witness

Mr. Chambers was an agent of the Communist underground apparatus working to infiltrate the US government in the 1930's. He later broke with the party, renounced communism, and testified against his former partners in crime before the House Un-American Affairs Committee. 

His autobiography, Witness, is one of the greatest and most important works written on the struggle for men to live free in their conscience before God in the modern age. 


One of my many not-yet-profitable hobbies. 

A Dagger: 

A Large Field Knife:

Book: Brings The Lightning

I recently finished reading Brings The Lightning by Peter Grant, who's blog I have been an on-and-off reader of for many years. He's an interesting guy with some good current-events commentary. 

It's a straightforward and fun read; the story of a paroled confederate soldier looking for peace and a new start in the wild west after the close of the War of Northern Aggression. The plot is exciting, if on-rails, and filled me with a sense of nostalgia and the feeling that I was born in the wrong age. Most of my enjoyment came from the well-written characters, and the clever scenes of heroics and danger. Bottom line, a fun and easy read. I'm looking forward to the next installment in the series. 

Not My Department

So, apparently the DOJ sent a letter down to Louisiana to warn them not to be racist in their flood-recovery efforts. 

It's stuff like this. I can't even. 

Here's Ret. Col. Rob Maness, currently running for Senate, with a much better retort than I can come up with: 

You know what? We’re tired of being called racists. And I think that that’s the number one issue in the United States of America. Those people [at the DOJ] can just go to hell. They’re not my Department of Justice

And people wonder why we Southerners almost universally resent and distrust the Feds since forever. Red Stick gets hit with a thousand-year flood, and the Fed's send a letter, apropos of nothing, telling them not to be racist. Thanks, guys. 

"Hey bro. Sorry your house burned down. BTW, check your privilege and make sure not to micro-aggress anybody while sifting through the ashes." 

If I didn't know better, I'd think that the legit civil rights movement died out in the 60's after the CRA was passed, and was quickly resurrected as a horrible marxist zombie-movement bent on the destruction of our society and the expropriation of private resources for political means. But, that would be ridiculous...