Exciting Weekend

The fun never stops in Crazy Land: 

  1. Colonial Pipeline shut down due to rupture, causing fuel shortage for the entire eastern seaboard for at least a week. The EPA has to approve any repair plans, which means this is going to be a problem for a while. Cause of the pipe rupture is unknown. This is a bigger deal than we are being told. 
  2. Underground transformer blows up in Charlottesville, VA. Cause unknown. Normally I wouldn't think this is interesting, except for the timing. 
  3. Many IEDs found and or detonated in NY and NJ. Women and Minorities hardest hit. 
  4. US leads a bombing raid against Syrian Army "accidentally", which leads to a big victory for IS. Whatever the point of all this insane MENA intervention is, it has nothing to do with National Security any more. 
  5. Peaceful Muslim peacefully stabs 8 people in St. Cloud, MN. Diversity is our strength. The population is encouraged to refrain from racism and micro-aggressions.

So, what's the left hand doing?

QOTD: William S. Lind

I'm reading this guy's new book ASAP. I thoroughly enjoyed his previous book, The Four Generations of Modern War

...return to the old ways. The old ways worked, the new ways that emerged from the 1960s do not work. Teach and practice delayed gratification. Spend less than you earn. Value the old and handmade over the new and mass produced. Want only what you have.

Previous generations knew these things and lived by them. The challenge of our time is to recover them, teach them to our children, and re-create the good world we had and have lost.
— William S. Lind

The quote is from this post at Mr. Lind's blog. 

Vewy Shushpishush

So, apparently the US is ceding control of the internet over the the UN. You can read all about it here. The whole issue revolves around Icann, being a US legal entity, having a monopoly of control over the 'tubes and how they run. Unless Congress blocks it, it appears that the UN will have jurisdiction over the inter-tubes as of Sept 30th. 

Right before the election? Really? Either the President is getting a huge kickback for something he knows is going to totally wreck the internet and modern free political speech, or this is all part of the plan to wreck and derail an election that the Dems know they are about to lose. (Or, both.) Free flow of information on the internet would be the critical weakness in any coup attempt when the vote doesn't go their way. And, yes, I'd consider invalidating the results of the election on the pretense that it was hacked by "the Russians" a form of coup.

My inflamed paranoia gland aside, the internet was a huge gift to the world from America. If any foreigners want to lay claim to operational authority over it, they can and should go pound large quantities of sand. Ingrates. Whatever goodness comes out of the internet (probably a very small fraction of total content served) could only have sprung up within the moral incubation chamber of free speech and expression that is (sadly) exclusively of the American Tradition. (I emphasize tradition as distinct from trajectory.) In Europe, people are arrested, just for example, for making the argument on social media that Islam is a hyper-violent political movement that's going to turn major European cities into crime ridden hell-holes. I think Europe has pretty much given up on the whole free speech thing. We're the last redoubt. 

Also, keep in mind that the UN is populated with corrupt leftists through-and-through. Think of it like the hollowed-out volcano hideout of the Caviar Stalinists. So, if the UN has jurisdiction over how the internet is run and regulated, it's actually going to be much easier for the the corrupt leftists in US elected offices to shut down dissenting political speech from the right than if the US courts had jurisdiction. And moreover, the dissident-right will have no recourse. Hey, nice Alt-Right website you have there. Down the memory hole it goes. Videos of Hillary seizing, collapsing, and being lifted into her campaign ambulance? Zap. Never happened. 

Maybe this political season has got me a little paranoid. Excuse me while I go buy a few boxes of printer paper. 


QOTD: Kirk

I pray that among us there are men and women enough who know what makes life worth living, enough of them to keep out the modern barbarian, if they are resolute. If they are enfeebled, and if they cannot make common cause, the garment of our civilization will slide to the rag bin, and the cultural debris of the twentieth century will drift down the rubbish heaps of the future. Not many years of indulgence, I fancy, remain to us. But—as Henry Adams was fond of saying—the fun is in the process.
— Russell Kirk

Ad Hoc Recipes For Morons #1: Sort Of Curried Ribeye

A series of recipes I've made up while following the Intermittent Fasting / HFLC / Ketosis diet I found on the Ace of Spades HQ blog. 

Sort Of Curried Ribeye: 

I start this one about an hour before my 18 hour fasting period is over, so I can have a nice hot meal when ASAP. 


  • Half a ribeye steak, or other meat. 
  • 1 tsp turmeric, or whatever
  • 1 tsp cumin, but don't go nuts. We're not making chili. 
  • 1 tbsp chili powder, or tons of it. It's cool. 
  • 1 tbsp ground ginger, or you know, whatever
  • 2 or 3 whole dried chilis
  • 1 tsp red pepper flakes or other hotness. 
  • What else goes in curry? Add some of that. 
  • black pepper
  • coarse kosher salt 
  • 1 can coconut milk, unsweetened
  • 1/2 cup frozen peas, or some other green thing.
  • I guess some butter wouldn't hurt. It's already in the coffee. And because butter. 

Step One: Start the sauce. In a saucepan, combine coconut milk, spices, dried peppers. Bring to simmer. Wait until step three to add any salt. 

Step Two: MEAT. cover the ribeye liberally with salt and pepper. LIBERALLY. Sear in cast iron skillet (in bacon fat?) on med-high for 90-120 seconds both sides. Remove to cutting board. Cut into cubes. Add meat to sauce. 

Step Three: Simmer for an hour, or whatever, until meat is super tender and sauce has reduced a little. Test sauce during this step and adjust spices to taste. 

Step Four: Add frozen peas and wait for simmer to return. Serve and Enjoy. 

QOTD: Time Preference

I'm new to the illuminating idea of "long" or "short" time preference among cultures or societies. "Long" meaning roughly that people see themselves as inheritors of a precious tradition and patrimony from their fathers, and work to enrich and extend that inheritance for their sons. See this prior QOTD for a good example.

"Short" time preference is hedonistic and consumptive. It views the past as something to be erased or forgotten. "A litany of sins."  Nothing good is inherited, so nothing passed down. "Die broke." See any college campus or large city for a good example.

All of this drives time-preference toward the present — which manifests itself in hedonism, present consumption, loss of social cohesion (why pull together when there’s nothing to pull for?), and declining birth-rates. Finally, the foreshortening of time-preference attacks the bedrock of civilization itself, in an accelerating, destructive cycle.
— Malcom Pollack

Read the whole thing

Western Civilization has been convinced by a bunch of old hippies to kill itself. They have convinced the West that the patrimony is tainted and worse than worthless. Now we consume and distract ourselves out of existence, leaving nothing for the next generation.  

Hey, American Christian: we must band together in a way that we have never done in American history if there is going to be a stable and just society for our children. It's time to stop allowing our enemies to write the rules of our culture and lifestyle. It's time to reject the modernist lifestyle entirely, and return to the old ways upon which our civilization was founded. 

Look at this beautiful picture of the old ways. 

And you shall rejoice before the LORD your God, you and your son and your daughter, your male servant and your female servant, the Levite who is within your towns, the sojourner, the fatherless, and the widow who are among you, at the place the LORD your God will choose, to make his name dwell there.
— Deut. 6:11

There is a host of cultural wisdom for the taking in the old testament, especially in passages like the above in which God is instructing his people how to live together and care for one another. 

Let's look at an important idea there. "Within your towns... who are among you." The word "towns" is also often translated as "gates." There is meaning there. This is painting a picture of God's people living together all the time, set apart, so that we can honor and obey God together, propagate our inheritance, and steward the Kingdom while we live on the earth. We need to dominate our own territory- the shining city on the hill. 

Today, however, we are dissolved indistinguishably among the prevailing pagan culture that has come to dominate the West. The lifestyle of the Monday-Saturday atomistic and lonely Christian is not sufficient for the task and great challenge of spiritual and cultural stewardship that is ours to fulfill. Atheistic, modernist materialism is completing its hijrah against us, and we must react against it in a powerful way. "A forceful reaction has become necessary." Indeed.  Step one is going to be building a cultural wall against it. "Gates"/"Towns" is a premise. When we don't understand the premises of an argument, we have a harder time acting on the conclusion. 

Now to make it practical. Here's an idea: Let's start spending our money, time, and charity on each other, and denying those resources to the enemy. This logic should effect who you bank with, who mows your grass, and who educates your children. 

Speaking of enemies, lets look at another forgotten premise: 

Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.
— Matt. 5:44

Jesus is not telling us to let our enemies educate our children and teach them to hate Christianity while we're at work. Loving your enemies, and protecting your family from them are not mutually exclusive propositions. The reason there is any confusion on how American Christians should educate their children is that we have forgotten the premise, "enemies." We have enemies, and I'm not just talking about sin and satan. They are the authors and stewards of the prevailing Western culture. It's time to remember this. 

More on this another time. 

Those meddlin' Ruskies!

I thought I might be nuts last week when I mentioned the nonsense idea floating around the mainstream media about the Russians rigging the election for Trump. Lo and behold, this week the idea is all over the alt-right internet that the Dems have contrived the whole ridiculous scenario in order to invalidate a Trump victory. SECDEF Ash Carter even publicly shook his fist at the Russians warning them to stay out of our dang elections!

Know this: our election system is divided up into thousands of individually operating precincts, using a vast variety of voting machines and methods. It is not possible to "hack" our national election process from the outside in a meaningful way by current technology. A large number of precincts still use paper ballots (mine included), for crying out loud. This whole idea is complete baloney. 

On the other hand, if DHS were to take over the election process as a "critical infrastructure", standardize and centralize it, and negate any local oversight, it would be much easier for a foreign actor to throw the election by means of hacking. Of course, this is exactly what DHS has been signaling they want to do. 

The truth of the matter is that the ruling class are trying to make lemonade out of this lemon of an election cycle where they are stuck with a complete stinker of a candidate with no hope of success. If they can convince the public that the election was thrown to Trump by "THE RUSSIANS", then they'll have the pretext to do any number of horrible things they have been drooling over. Such as: 

  1. Place the national election cycle under the management and control of DHS. ("If anyone is going to hack the election, it should be US!"
  2. Spoil Trump's term by delegitimizing it, and creating a instant insurgency out of a large portion of the population.
  3. Dramatically escalate the now simmering proxy war with Russia.
  4. Declare an "National Emergency" and... Let your imagination run wild. 

Bottom line: When slimy politicians see an inevitable defeat coming, they don't place all their bets on a win anyway. Instead, they try to turn the loss into a pyrrhic victory for the enemy. They burn the city while retreating to make it useless to the new occupants. That's what's going on here with all this talk of scary Russian hackers. 

New Knives

Two new knives fresh off the belt.