Want to Fix Healthcare? Put the Christians in Charge.

Did you get to keep your plan? My family didn't. Our plan was cancelled and our healthcare premiums went through the roof. By the time we told BCBS to go pound sand, our monthly bill from them had more than doubled, and was even larger than our mortgage payment. At that point, we decided to seek alternative means of coverage. 

The "Affordable Care Act" has well and truly destroyed the US healthcare system, which is now circling the drain. I'm sure you have read story after story about it. In 2016 I've grow weary of making the case that Government needs to get its claws off healthcare and let the people work it out themselves. 

You know who should be running the US healthcare system? The Christian Church! Christians, who by God's grace, hewed this great civilization out of the savage wilderness starting four-hundred years ago, also built the greatest healthcare system known to man. "Presbyterian", "Baptist", "St. Jude"... Interesting names for hospitals. (Maybe that's why Obama wants them destroyed.) The entire hospital system was built from the ground up on the basis of Christian evangelism through medical ministry and charity. And on that foundation was build the greatest healthcare system in human history, bar none. 

Then came modernity, the state, the and the creeping death: regulations. Compliance costs, licensing requirements, blah blah blah. If you're trying to keep a hospital running, and your costs keep going up, where do you have to cut back? Charity, mainly. And the government was all too happy to carry that load, because with it came dependency and a new political lever: The modern political cudgel of "healthcare", always the focus of lavish promises and grave threats. Healthcare was a shiny new wedge to drive into the fracture that has now irreparably divided our nation. 

Now from the right we hear things like "repeal and replace." Replace with what? How about nothing. How about we repeal every piece of federal regulation ever written and disband the FDA, NIH, and all the rest of the acronymic bureaucracies that have choked the life out of American healthcare. Let's also scrap medicare and medicaid, and every onerous tax that funds them. Do you know who will stand in the gap and carry that load? Christians. And we'd do a much better job of it too. It's our system, we build it, and Americans are going to suffer more and more until we man-up and take it back.

I have no idea how Christians are going to take back the healthcare system, but we should. I think it will be a helluva fight, though. The ruling class hasn't had to give up anything in a long time. 

QOTD: What They Meant by 'Change'

Does this sound familiar, Charlotte?

"The role of organized violence is now being carefully considered. During a riot, for instance, a conscious guerrilla can participate in pulling police away from the path of people engaged in attacking stores. He can create disorder in new areas the police think are secure. He can carry the torch, if not all the people, to white neighborhoods and downtown business districts. If necessary, he can successfully shoot to kill. The guerrilla can employ violence effectively during times of apparent “peace,” too. He can attack, in the suburbs or slums, with paint or bullets, symbols of racial oppression. These tactics of disorder will be defined by the authorities as criminal anarchy. But it may be that disruption will create possibilities of meaningful change.... Violence can contribute to shattering the status quo, but only politics and organization can transform it."

Tom Hayden, 1976


Wherein I Laugh at the Fears of a Leftist Milksop

The Week has a dramatic and hysterical doom-piece up. The premise of the article is a look into the future HRC presidency that is totally ruined by bad-thinking white-guy reactionaries, and Trump. Oh noes! It's a completely ridiculous fiction, but it does give you a window into the psyche of the lefty academic set. I'll give you a hint: "Kill Whitey."

Enjoy these breathless and panicked excerpts, followed by my scorn and cursing: 

"Most of the rest of the country... hoped that the ad hoc groups of armed white men... would disband."

Right. Like the ones we saw Charlotte just a few weeks ago. And Ferguson. And Minneapolis. Who can keep track? Happens all the time really. Those darn white men! We should really think about putting them into concentration camps or something. Wait... is guy talking about the police? Hard to tell. 

"Clinton was always going to have a tough time governing. Yes, the 2016 election gave her a narrow three-seat Democratic majority in the Senate, but the GOP held the House — and once Paul Ryan was deposed as speaker in a post-election coup and replaced by pro-Trump firebrand Dana Rohrabacher..."

Naturally. It couldn't be because she's an incompetent, self-serving do-nothing, hack. Not to mention the glass ceiling...

"...there was no chance the incoming president would get anything done."

Yeah that's totally stopped Obama from getting anything done. Presidenting is hard, y'all! The separation of powers is totally racist.

"With three federal government shutdowns and a (failed) presidential impeachment trial in the last two and a half years, there has been no time to address the nation's problems — above all the slow-motion collapse of the Affordable Care Act... Congress did nothing as hundreds of thousands and then millions were dropped from health insurance or faced a choice of devastating rate hikes or tax penalties for failing to maintain coverage."

Good! This is exactly what should happen. Shut that town down as often as possible, please. I'm tired of being forced by the government to pay for the healthcare of a bunch freeloading slobs. Healthcare is not a right, and anyone who thinks that other people should be forced to pay for theirs should suffer. [I'll belatedly add here: "slobs" does not refer to those who had private insurance that was destroyed by encroachment of the ACA, and had to sign up because there was no other option. I have several friends in this position, and they don't like it any more than I would. They are being forced to pay for and receive a terrible product, by the government. This is a very different position from the people that call 911 with "chest pains" so they can get a free ambulance ride uptown to go shopping, and their ride eventually gets paid via the giant slush-fund that the that those obscenely high insurance premiums are paying into. Not to mention all the rampant medicare and disability fraud.]

"and the constant stream of dirt dug up by WikiLeaks and Judicial Watch... the House was simply consumed by constantly roiling Hillary hatred."

Who put the dirt there in the first place? Amazing how much these people hate the truth to be known. 

"Then came the riots."

Yeah. That stinks. The cities were such peaceful places before HRC took office. Damn those white men!

"Who knows why the late May death of a black motorist at the hands of two white police officers in the St. Louis suburbs sparked so much violence across the nation when so many sadly similar deaths over the past two years had merely led to localized protests"

Yeah, that's a mystery! I have no idea why specific sub-populations of our country would take any excuse to perpetrate mob violence and mayhem before any facts are known, yet at the same time are happy to kill each other off by the bushel-basketful in between riots. That's a puzzler alright. Localized protests, you say? I wonder if the guy they tried to burn alive in the street here in Charlotte would call that a "protest" or a "random lynching"? 

"Within two days, dozens of cities and suburbs were burning nightly. That's when the militias that had been growing since the 2016 election began to mobilize again... For several evenings in a row, groups of mostly white men across the country... head out into the night to make trouble in the name of restoring 'order.'"

White people? Defending their neighborhoods from roving bands of feral arsonists and looters when the police are unable to? Restoring order? Protecting their families? How dare they?! Concentration camps, y'all. Just think about it, OK?

"Then the stock market crashed. Trillions of dollars were lost, mutual funds tanked, and Occupy Wall Street was instantly revived."

Yeah I'm sure all those hairy hippies' stock portfolios really took a nasty hit. And then when they go to try to withdraw what's left of their Roth-IRAs so they can buy, uh, "groceries", the fascist investment manager at Edward Jones has the nerve to say, "sir, for the last time, you don't have an account with us. Please put on your clothes and leave or I'm calling the police."

"And then came martial law. President Clinton made clear that she intends to lift the nationwide curfew and withdraw the National Guard as soon as possible."

I bet she really hated all that unchecked power. Couldn't wait to get rid of it!

If you read the actual piece, every single bad thing is attributed to Trump and white men. Somehow, despite all historical precedent, the losing candidate wields more power over government than the helpless winner in this vision of the future. Alas, that stubborn patriarchy! I guess they figure they can't get away with blaming Bush for everything three administrations hence, and need a new scapegoat. 

I'm kind of surprised they are going this direction so early. Shouldn't they still be telling people that Hillary is going to give everyone free ponies and that there will be peace in the Middle East? I mean, if she is going to completely fail to make good on her utopian promises, what's the point of Democrat voters sobering up enough to find the GOTV bus to take them to three or four different polling locations? That will take all day, and really cut in to their busy schedules of smoking weed and teaching freshman level history classes at the community college. 

The Tide Going Out

Eight years of Obama have certainly had their effects on the urban zeitgeist. Note that by "urban" I mean to indicate that unique segment of our population who were raised in large cities, and display certain philosophies that are common to city-dwellers. "Urban" does not mean "black", although it certainly includes a large amount of them. Reading the news this week, I find the following notions being forcefully put forth by everyone from public school teachers to leftist protestors to Hillary Clinton: 

  • 25% of the population are irredeemably racist, sexist, etc. 
  • Masculinity is so harmful to society that it should be considered toxic.
  • Being "white" is necessarily being racist.  
  • Biblical Christianity is anathema to the values of modern American society. 

I spent a week in rural Mississippi recently, as I do frequently. I can assure you that none of this hateful garbage is being taught out there. It always amazes me how rural Mississippi (where, according to big-city liberals who've never been there, you'll find a boiling cesspool of bigotry) is some of the most racially harmonious and integrated territory you'll find anymore. Blacks and whites from all stations share the same Walmart, schools, neighborhoods.  It's a far cry from the rigidly defined and racially segregated ghettos of Chicago, or the violent race riots here in Charlotte where, for example, a white photographer was knocked unconscious and almost thrown on a bonfire in the street before the brave Charlotte police saved him. (Burning a man in the street! I never would have imagined it.) Here in tidy-town Charlotte, the blacks shop at Food Lion and the whites shop at Harris Teeter. Urban America and Rural America are two different countries sharing the same territory, but the Urban America has all the money.

The point that I'm rambling towards is this: First, that this country is governed by the big cities. That's where the money, power, and cheap votes are. Second, the prevailing thought of the cities is becoming increasingly intolerant of whites, males, and Christians in particular, so much so that it's beginning to sound like Stalin talking about the kulaks. Stalin, who, with his fellow Soviet comrades, murdered and starved 60 million people before the wall finally came down. Singling out a segment of the population as irredeemable is really a bold statement. It says that they cannot be allowed to continue as part of our society. This is the kind of thing that's said before they start throwing people into the Gulags. I know it sounds hyperbolic, but this kind of thinking has been canonical to the hard left since the 60's, and the Obamas and the Clintons were educated right in the middle of it. The beliefs that were, back then, the territory of Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers are now mainstream for almost half the population. Beliefs matter. As soon as we're wrapped up in a major war or a major economic collapse (both of which seem imminent), the stage is already set to blame the whites, males, Christians and their families. Once the action starts, it's going to morph into blaming anyone who is anti-socialist, but its starts with the pre-defined public enemy. Just like it started with the Jews in Germany and the Kulaks in Russia. This is textbook socialist praxis

I find it sadly hilarious that the social trajectory that is now reaching its terminal phase began with the Civil Rights movement. I also feel very sorry for urban Black Americans sometimes. The liberals sold them a false bill of goods with the CRA, and everything got steadily worse for them after that point, when the gave up their bootstrap philosophy and adopted one of the aggrieved dependent. Just look at the historical stats on literacy, crime, and children born out of wedlock. But, things really went downhill for everyone in different ways after the philosophical revolution of the 60's. A generation later and we're ripe for the political revolution. How else can you explain the popularity of deranged psychos like Hillary? She's a real-life Immortan Joe for crying out loud. Trump is simply riding the last sub-rational heave of revulsion against the tide of socialist revolution. I don't think he fully grasps what's happening beneath the surface issues of immigration and NAFTA. 

The 50's were the high tide of our civilization. We may peak again in my kids' lifetime, but it's going to have to be with a different civilization ruling the West than the one we have now. That will be a tough row to hoe. 

Flaming Bag of Poop 2016

With a little introspection, any honest conservative can look back over the past few years and realize that the age of American freedom is over, and that movement conservatism is dead in the water. I specify "with a little introspection", because many people that call themselves conservatives are still counting on a stable government and social order to be there for them in some form or fashion, so there is a psychic need to deny the truth of the situation.

For example, the older generation of conservatives are looking at making it to retirement, that Valhalla-paradise of the baby-boomer generation. They can't imagine that the promise of American "retirement" is hollow, and that social security is going to be worthless to them, their retirement accounts are going to be raided to keep the government afloat for a few more years, and the collapse of the USD is going to wipe away their life savings. The promise of retirement keeps them hanging on to the sound fiscal policy promises of the GOP, hoping only to forestall the inevitable until after they have departed this world. 

We younger conservatives are a little more bleak in our outlook. We have watched the GOP betray and abandon us, break their promises, sell us out, and feather their own nests. The GOP has not accomplished anything of substance for the conservative ethic since I have been alive. It's just been year after year of failure-theatre, and the incremental destruction of everything we grew up believing was great about the USA. 

We have never really believed that retirement was in the cards for us. Social Security is obviously an insolvent joke that the baby-boomers are going to ride like Slim Pickens riding an atomic bomb. The only thing left for us will be the smoking crater of debt. As far as amassing our own fortunes goes, we can still make a pretty good living all things considered, but the zero interest rate polices being enforced will prevent ordinary people from taking advantage of the miracle of compounding interest in the same ways our parents did. The civilizational bar is being lowered, not raised. "Retirement", it turns out, was the historical anomaly. We're really just reverting to the mean. 

But money isn't everything. Speaking of conservatism generally, what's left to conserve? We're 14 trillion dollars in debt. We murder babies by the millions. We fight pointless wars all over the world. Moral corruption has completely subsumed American culture. Free speech is censored everywhere by armies of cry-bully brownshirts gushing forth by the millions from our academically bankrupt universities. Racist spasms of insanity and violence routinely erupt in our major cities, and our "leaders" in DC encourage more lawlessness and destruction. The tenth amendment has been utterly destroyed by decades of federal conquest. Business and industry is taxed and regulated to death while welfare and disability costs skyrocket. I ask again: what's left to conserve? 

Furthermore, there is no voting our way out of this mess. We, Christian Conservatives have no functional political representation at the federal level. We are no longer even on the national political map. We have zero political agency. What's that you say? You're going to "vote your conscience," are you? I've got news for you: Your conscience is not on the ballot. It hasn't been for a long time and probably never will be again. We are the unwanted minority. (There may be hope left in some state governments, but we'll get to that in a minute.)

Then there's Trump. I know a lot of conservatives are all excited about the guy. But, I'm sorry. He's not going to fix anything. You can't un-bake the cake. We're headed inexorably for a very hard reset and Trump is not going to change that in the smallest degree. Really, he's a just another New York liberal reprobate. The only difference at the end of the day between Trump and Clinton is that Trump is fueling his campaign on popular hatred of "The Establishment", rather than on Establishment money and influence as Clinton is. It was a tactical decision on his part, and not a bad one, really. (However at the strategic level he has committed himself to unending and vicious political warfare, but more on that later) Here's where conservatives are getting scammed by the Trump campaign: They are buying into the proposition that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Hear me. Trump is not our friend. He will accomplish nothing for Conservatives. Just like Bush 2, and Bush 1. He is there, like Clinton, for his own enrichment and gratification. Repeat after me: Trump is a greedy, coastal-elite, liberal reprobate, just like the rest of our political class. He only seems different because he's made a calculated decision to run as a outsider, and has become one in truth by burning all the bridges with his own class. This, however, does not make him good. The Bloods and the Crips kill each other all the time, after all. 

Despite all this, I'm still going to vote for Trump. Why? Because I want chaos. 

By taking up the mantle of populist rage, he has set himself against the worst of the Moon-bat Left, the agnostic Wall Street Dems, and the County Club GOP. The gauntlet has been thrown down. If he wins, the war being waged in the theatre of the national campaign will be relocated to DC, and the vast parasitic bureaucracy that lives there. The federal government will be racked with infighting, not because of conflicting principals, but because of a bitter, greedy turf war that will only really kick off in ernest if Trump wins.

Similarly, all of the left-wing politicians, and the bulk of the right have also been so bitter and polemical in their opposition to Trump, that their supporters will abandon them (or worse) if a President Trump is not met with constant and brutal political opposition at every moment of his presidency. If you think the political climate is bad now, it will be worse if he wins. Conflict will be all-consuming. 

Just imagine it. A brash New York celebrity tycoon, all of whose power rests in the seething popular hatred of the entrenched the political establishment, actually goes to Washington DC as the new President. Washington DC: where every single other person hates his guts for wrecking their orderly lucrative racket and trying to take the spoils for himself. If he doesn't start wrecking the place, his supporters will turn on him with a fury heretofore unseen in American politics. It will be the greatest, most bitter betrayal in political history! He has no choice but to totally wreck the place, or else almost every person in America will want him dead for one of several opposite reasons. He must completely raze the DC establishment in order to survive. It will be total chaos. 

And chaos is exactly what we need. In chaos there is opportunity. Chaos will weaken the federal death grip on our nation, and perhaps some of the states can start re-asserting their constitutional authority in the resulting power vacuum. State-level politicians will actually have to start serving the interests of their citizens again, as their patrons in DC will suddenly be too busy to help them maintain their fiefdoms. They might just have to start protecting us from the maniacs in DC like they should have been doing all along. 

Imagine if the IRS offices in your state were closed down, and the people that worked there were banished back to DC? What if the EPA were sent packing, and the citizens of the state were again able to decide how to manage their land and resources? These dreams are only remotely possible if there is crippling chaos and disfunction in Washington DC. That why I'm voting for Trump. He's a distraction. He's a Trojan Horse. He's a flaming bag of dog poop that you can send to DC, and watch them all panic as they try to stomp him out. 

Will this actually happen? I honestly don't know. But it's worth a shot. We don't really have anything to lose at this point. Washington DC is our obstacle and our enemy. Let's start voting like we understand that. 


Every public statement that the POTUS makes is a pretext for an action which he wants to pursue, or a justification for an action already taken.

US publicly accuses Russia of hacking the DNC and states' elections infrastructure. 

I see some options here on the action in view: 

  1. Postponing the federal elections in November. Because Hillary might lose. Trump is apparently the wrong kind of New York liberal. 
  2. Nationalizing the election process under DHS. Because the prime directive is expansion of federal power over anything and everything. What tenth amendment?
  3. War with Russia. Because the petrodollar dynasty must survive. Russia selling way too much energy in currencies other than the USD. If a massive economic center of gravity is allowed to be established in the East, the West will collapse under the weight of tens of trillions of dollars in debt.  

To make this public announcement and then take no action would be an admission of weakness and impotence. The only utility in confirming these embarrassing suspictions would be as casus belli. But against who?

Conversing With The Abyss

I went to the mechanic today to have my car serviced. After I had been there a little while, and was settled into my copy of "I'll Take My Stand", a large woman, heavily perfumed and bedecked in gold baubles, came barreling through the door. It was immediately apparent that the first priority of her visit to the mechanic was to make everyone in earshot aware that she drove a BMW. Her second priority was to let everyone know what a big deal it was that her tire pressure light was on. The deal. It was huge. After she enthusiastically delivered her keys to the clerk, she performed a 3-point maneuver to wedge herself into her chair and began to direct her high-decibel stream-of-conciousness at me, being the only other person in the room. Her pronouncements were as follows: 

  1. She just can't pick up the phone anymore because it's always somebody trying to get her money. 
  2. This world is crazy, and they are just killing us black folk in the street. 
  3. Not all black people are poor. Many of us got money. My family all have nice houses. We live well. I drive a BMW (in case I didn't catch that earlier.)
  4. I am a professor, with three masters degrees, and working' on a PhD. (minority studies?)

While she was establishing her credentials, I simply looked at her politely and maybe said "yeah" once or twice. Then she started on Trump, apropos of nothing.

"He ain't for us. He is killing black people." 

I attempted to ask for some elaboration on that point, but she continued on like a runaway train. 

"My daddy was murdered. Jim Crow."

I had no idea what that was supposed to mean, so I dug in and asked her to tell me the story. After several vague iterations, she eventually came to the story that he was run over by a bus while walking in the road. She did not make any actual connection to either murder or Jim Crow. It was established that his employer gave the family some grief over the pension because, get this, her parents were not married to each other. I know. Shocking that that could cause issues in probate court.

She went on and on about the many laments of her family specifically, and black people generally. She brutally cursed Clarence Thomas, but gave only a muttering, incoherent explanation when asked why. Almost everything she had to say was a complaint. Most of her complaints were about her family or race not getting government money that she thought they were due. 

At several points I tried to turn the monologue into a conversation, but I couldn't ever get more than one or two words in. She continued like this, often returning to her credentials as wealthy and educated, and then quickly back to more complaints or wild and unsupported claims about law or society. (Did you know that businesses are legally required to hire equal numbers of black and whites? She's a professor, so it must be true.) She went on and on and on and on. This wealthy, BMW-driving professor moaned for half an hour about how awful it is to be a black person in America. This gilded dictionary of complaints was so oblivious to how good this country has been to her. I wonder if she'd ever considered that there is no better place to be of African extraction in the world than the USA. 

Eventually the mechanic returned her keys. Her tires were simply low because she didn't maintain their pressure. The idea that they could just be "low" seemed to confuse her. There's a metaphor in there somewhere. She demands that society just keep on producing for her and her people, but she didn't seem to understand at all that an input of work and wealth is required to keep this bus rolling.

Automobile maintenance wasn't the only thing that confused her. She seemed, by the end of this encounter, to be totally lost in a cloud of racial paranoia, and psychically crushed under the weight of the colossal chip on her shoulder. She was so completely obsessed with her own sense of victimhood that communication between us was literally impossible. She wouldn't, and couldn't shut her mouth for even a few seconds to attempt to hear anything I was trying to ask or say. I doubt she wanted to. It was like trying to talk to a space alien. I was speaking into a yammering abyss, without even an echo of my own words to bear witness. 

She shook my hand, and told me how glad she was to have talked to such a nice young man, and that we both learned something from each other. I have no idea what she learned from me, as I never actually completed a sentence. 

I can tell you what I learned from her though: I learned that their is a very wide gulf between us, and that only an act of God can bridge it. The only hope we could ever have for a friendship, or even a conversation, is to be found in faith in Christ. Christ, who takes away our burdens and bitterness. And I pray she finds Him.