I tend to write about racial issues a lot here. It's a reaction to the prevailing "kill-whitey" political action of late. I am whitey, after all. 

My personal view is that "race" itself is, practically speaking, a political construct. It is only rhetorically useful for purposes of extortion and blood-libel. People are different in lots of ways, and skin color should be the last thing we consider when making judgements about those we meet. (Yes, yes, genetics. Some things are statistically genetic, but there are many other things at play [like epi-genetics], and I manifestly reject materialistic determinism.)

The first thing we should consider is that every human living and dead is equally depraved and wicked in the sight of God, but for the atoning work of Christ. Therefore we should have an innate sympathy for every individual we meet, for we are both born in the same state of desperate moral need. 

The second thing we should consider when we meet a stranger is, "what does this person believe?" It's at this point when people start getting wrapped around the axle. Beliefs matter. Cultures matter. Would you leave your child at a daycare facility staffed by people who think capturing infidel children for sex-slavery is morally permissible? Of course not, and neither would I. Relax. You're not a racist. This has nothing to do with race. (But, if you're a Christian, pray for those people to be saved. And, given the opportunity, witness to them in love in view of the first thing.)

With regard to the politics of immigration: I'd only ask that you consider the differences between societies with high interpersonal trust (1950's Norman Rockwell USA), and those with low interpersonal trust (modern Iraq and Gary, IN). High-trust societies are only possible with a morally upright and universally shared culture and belief system. Immoral cultures and/or cultural diversity is anathema to a high-trust society. Again, nothing to do with race. Everything to do with beliefs. 

There are a lot of people that would still call that position "racist", because that's the only rhetorical arrow the quiver these days. I have ceased to care. The word means nothing at this point. Fire away. I'm your huckleberry.