Stranger in a Strange Land: Independence Day Thoughts

All the Bald Eagles have been slaughtered and made into these. Behold the new symbol of our nation. 

All the Bald Eagles have been slaughtered and made into these. Behold the new symbol of our nation. 

I couldn't tell you when I gave up on politics. But, at some point, I realized that the national electorate lacks the morality and intelligence to vote it's way out of our national mess. That wouldn't be so bad, really, if the federation of independent states was still functioning in any way as to allow local populations with adequate morality and intelligence to preserve their own ways of life while the others learn the hard way. Alas, the federation has been flattened, and all meaningful distribution of power, and thus diversity, has been erased from the political landscape. Now our national sameness is rigidly enforced, and real, meaningful diversity is made illegal with every national rule and standard applied to our lives from on high. 

A sham diversity is now celebrated. It has two parts. The first part places great importance on innate and arbitrary differences (like race) and makes a goal of constantly reshuffling society in the pursuit of the ruling class's political ends. The second part celebrates the destruction all non-governmental social institutions (marriage, religion, etc.) on grounds of bigotry and the like. This is done by forcing all of these hold-outs of real diversity to be inclusive and tolerant to the point of meaninglessness, thereby making the society broadly homogenous in all the ways that really matter. These two parts work together to enforce uniformity across our nation, especially in our large urban areas, which have all become copies of each other.

Groups of like-minded people who attempt to live out their beliefs together and establish some haven for their ideas to flourish are progressively mocked, marginalized, threatened, harassed, and attacked with tanks and guns by the ruthless enforcement of national sameness. The nation of the pilgrims has made it impossible to be a pilgrim. Today, the Mayflower would be sunk by the Coast Guard. 

Where would modern pilgrims go, anyway? The great woe of the modern age is that there are no frontiers left. And, lets face it, If you took a veal calf and tossed it into the woods one day, it wouldn't make it very long. Most of us are too soft for the frontier these days. We've all grown fat on the incredible inertia of what once was the engine of the developed world. We're going to have to be hardened by suffering before we have the guts to build a new nation among the ashes of some old one. 

So, what to do in the meantime? Fight for real diversity and embrace the scorn you'll receive for doing to. Build up a church that stands for something meaningful and true, like the Bible. Solve social problems without the help of the government- this is what builds real community. Real community is the infrastructure that will keep people alive when the government teat goes dry. We need to build it in the cracks of the great sameness and force those cracks wider like a tree's roots in the concrete, rather than passively be paved over like we have since the civil war.

Real communities share in beliefs freely acquired, not forced upon. My real community only has about ten people in it, but it's real and we care for each other and we don't need crap from the great collective sameness. A healthy nation is made of a diversity of real communities living side by side peacefully, not enforcing correct thought across the land by political force. A truly diverse nation is robust and stable because for every community that fails because of their bad ideas, there are others to join that aren't making those mistakes. A thriving community that is allowed to truly thrive becomes a beacon to others, leading the way to prosperity. We don't have this in America, but we need to be building it. Turn off the tee-vee, stop looking to DC for the answers to your problems or permission to solve them, and go make it happen yourself. 

Happy Independence Day.