Tolerance for Looters

I'm seeing a lot of sympathy and excuses being made for rioters and looters in the media recently, mostly from those of a leftward bent. "I hate to see that, but in dire circumstances yadda yadda yadda..." Here's the subtext: "The sad truth is that those people are animals and we shouldn't condemn them from acting like animals. They just can't help it. We just need to keep feeding them because they have become domesticated and can't take care of themselves."

There you have it. The racism of the apologetic left. 

Well, I don't believe that. I believe that all men are men and should act like men. No excuses. Don't set fire to the neighborhood because you are angry. I don't care if you are poor or uneducated. You are still a man and bear the image of God. Own it. And don't cry "racist!" when you are punished for your personal failures to do so. To punish crime is the opposite of racism. It testifies to the fact that we are equals and are held to the same ethical standards. 

The same goes for the police and civil authorities in general: I expect you to be civilized, chivalrous, and law abiding. No excuses. Don't lead our society into the gutter to win a fight, or because you're afraid. If you can't take the heat, find a new job. The principals of a free society, once destroyed, are gone. It doesn't matter after the fact who destroyed them.