Occupied Andalusia

Hello, dear Reader. I hope this post finds you well. 

More important, I think, than the particulars of the barbarous warfare in Paris yesterday is the context in which it occurred. Whole neighborhoods in the city of Paris, and in cities all over western Europe in fact, have become semi-autonomous "no-go" zones where police no longer patrol for fear of served that favorite beverage of "youths" these days. Into these areas the new caliphate is constantly flinging more and more fledgelings from its nest in the MENA, and those areas have now grown quite hostile and (gasp) intolerant to western authority of any kind. 

Don't, however, expect President Hollande or other European leaders to describe the context in those terms. Most of them irrecoverably sold out to the modern ideas of "diversity," and the raison d'être for any global metropolis these days is being a "vibrant melting-pot of world cultures." The truth, in this case, lies outside the ontological framework of mainstream western political thought. 

But things are what they are, and now there are ever growing "tiny Palestines" popping up all over Europe as beachheads in the expansion of the new caliphate. I wonder when the average European will realize he has the same problem as the average Israeli; Trying to go about his day, wondering if he is standing where the next rocket will land, or wondering if his family is going to be run over in the street by some psychopathic adherent to a fascist political movement masquerading as a religion. 

I do wonder about the extent of the European people's commitment sharing their civilization with those who would destroy and replace it. I wonder if we will soon see muslim-controlled areas of Europe start confederating and walking the path to independant statehood under the protection of their big brothers to the East? Maybe there will be calls for the end of 1400 years of Christian oppression and occupation that has been perpetrated against these poor souls since the Battle of Tours

I don't really expect the European peoples to start ernestly participating in this ongoing war of civilizations any time soon. It seems the best they can do right now is to "bring a candlelight vigil to a gunfight." I hope they soon realize that the war is happening on their home soil, and that the battles will occur whether or not the they choose to show up for them.