Flaming Bag of Poop 2016

With a little introspection, any honest conservative can look back over the past few years and realize that the age of American freedom is over, and that movement conservatism is dead in the water. I specify "with a little introspection", because many people that call themselves conservatives are still counting on a stable government and social order to be there for them in some form or fashion, so there is a psychic need to deny the truth of the situation.

For example, the older generation of conservatives are looking at making it to retirement, that Valhalla-paradise of the baby-boomer generation. They can't imagine that the promise of American "retirement" is hollow, and that social security is going to be worthless to them, their retirement accounts are going to be raided to keep the government afloat for a few more years, and the collapse of the USD is going to wipe away their life savings. The promise of retirement keeps them hanging on to the sound fiscal policy promises of the GOP, hoping only to forestall the inevitable until after they have departed this world. 

We younger conservatives are a little more bleak in our outlook. We have watched the GOP betray and abandon us, break their promises, sell us out, and feather their own nests. The GOP has not accomplished anything of substance for the conservative ethic since I have been alive. It's just been year after year of failure-theatre, and the incremental destruction of everything we grew up believing was great about the USA. 

We have never really believed that retirement was in the cards for us. Social Security is obviously an insolvent joke that the baby-boomers are going to ride like Slim Pickens riding an atomic bomb. The only thing left for us will be the smoking crater of debt. As far as amassing our own fortunes goes, we can still make a pretty good living all things considered, but the zero interest rate polices being enforced will prevent ordinary people from taking advantage of the miracle of compounding interest in the same ways our parents did. The civilizational bar is being lowered, not raised. "Retirement", it turns out, was the historical anomaly. We're really just reverting to the mean. 

But money isn't everything. Speaking of conservatism generally, what's left to conserve? We're 14 trillion dollars in debt. We murder babies by the millions. We fight pointless wars all over the world. Moral corruption has completely subsumed American culture. Free speech is censored everywhere by armies of cry-bully brownshirts gushing forth by the millions from our academically bankrupt universities. Racist spasms of insanity and violence routinely erupt in our major cities, and our "leaders" in DC encourage more lawlessness and destruction. The tenth amendment has been utterly destroyed by decades of federal conquest. Business and industry is taxed and regulated to death while welfare and disability costs skyrocket. I ask again: what's left to conserve? 

Furthermore, there is no voting our way out of this mess. We, Christian Conservatives have no functional political representation at the federal level. We are no longer even on the national political map. We have zero political agency. What's that you say? You're going to "vote your conscience," are you? I've got news for you: Your conscience is not on the ballot. It hasn't been for a long time and probably never will be again. We are the unwanted minority. (There may be hope left in some state governments, but we'll get to that in a minute.)

Then there's Trump. I know a lot of conservatives are all excited about the guy. But, I'm sorry. He's not going to fix anything. You can't un-bake the cake. We're headed inexorably for a very hard reset and Trump is not going to change that in the smallest degree. Really, he's a just another New York liberal reprobate. The only difference at the end of the day between Trump and Clinton is that Trump is fueling his campaign on popular hatred of "The Establishment", rather than on Establishment money and influence as Clinton is. It was a tactical decision on his part, and not a bad one, really. (However at the strategic level he has committed himself to unending and vicious political warfare, but more on that later) Here's where conservatives are getting scammed by the Trump campaign: They are buying into the proposition that "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." Hear me. Trump is not our friend. He will accomplish nothing for Conservatives. Just like Bush 2, and Bush 1. He is there, like Clinton, for his own enrichment and gratification. Repeat after me: Trump is a greedy, coastal-elite, liberal reprobate, just like the rest of our political class. He only seems different because he's made a calculated decision to run as a outsider, and has become one in truth by burning all the bridges with his own class. This, however, does not make him good. The Bloods and the Crips kill each other all the time, after all. 

Despite all this, I'm still going to vote for Trump. Why? Because I want chaos. 

By taking up the mantle of populist rage, he has set himself against the worst of the Moon-bat Left, the agnostic Wall Street Dems, and the County Club GOP. The gauntlet has been thrown down. If he wins, the war being waged in the theatre of the national campaign will be relocated to DC, and the vast parasitic bureaucracy that lives there. The federal government will be racked with infighting, not because of conflicting principals, but because of a bitter, greedy turf war that will only really kick off in ernest if Trump wins.

Similarly, all of the left-wing politicians, and the bulk of the right have also been so bitter and polemical in their opposition to Trump, that their supporters will abandon them (or worse) if a President Trump is not met with constant and brutal political opposition at every moment of his presidency. If you think the political climate is bad now, it will be worse if he wins. Conflict will be all-consuming. 

Just imagine it. A brash New York celebrity tycoon, all of whose power rests in the seething popular hatred of the entrenched the political establishment, actually goes to Washington DC as the new President. Washington DC: where every single other person hates his guts for wrecking their orderly lucrative racket and trying to take the spoils for himself. If he doesn't start wrecking the place, his supporters will turn on him with a fury heretofore unseen in American politics. It will be the greatest, most bitter betrayal in political history! He has no choice but to totally wreck the place, or else almost every person in America will want him dead for one of several opposite reasons. He must completely raze the DC establishment in order to survive. It will be total chaos. 

And chaos is exactly what we need. In chaos there is opportunity. Chaos will weaken the federal death grip on our nation, and perhaps some of the states can start re-asserting their constitutional authority in the resulting power vacuum. State-level politicians will actually have to start serving the interests of their citizens again, as their patrons in DC will suddenly be too busy to help them maintain their fiefdoms. They might just have to start protecting us from the maniacs in DC like they should have been doing all along. 

Imagine if the IRS offices in your state were closed down, and the people that worked there were banished back to DC? What if the EPA were sent packing, and the citizens of the state were again able to decide how to manage their land and resources? These dreams are only remotely possible if there is crippling chaos and disfunction in Washington DC. That why I'm voting for Trump. He's a distraction. He's a Trojan Horse. He's a flaming bag of dog poop that you can send to DC, and watch them all panic as they try to stomp him out. 

Will this actually happen? I honestly don't know. But it's worth a shot. We don't really have anything to lose at this point. Washington DC is our obstacle and our enemy. Let's start voting like we understand that.