The Tide Going Out

Eight years of Obama have certainly had their effects on the urban zeitgeist. Note that by "urban" I mean to indicate that unique segment of our population who were raised in large cities, and display certain philosophies that are common to city-dwellers. "Urban" does not mean "black", although it certainly includes a large amount of them. Reading the news this week, I find the following notions being forcefully put forth by everyone from public school teachers to leftist protestors to Hillary Clinton: 

  • 25% of the population are irredeemably racist, sexist, etc. 
  • Masculinity is so harmful to society that it should be considered toxic.
  • Being "white" is necessarily being racist.  
  • Biblical Christianity is anathema to the values of modern American society. 

I spent a week in rural Mississippi recently, as I do frequently. I can assure you that none of this hateful garbage is being taught out there. It always amazes me how rural Mississippi (where, according to big-city liberals who've never been there, you'll find a boiling cesspool of bigotry) is some of the most racially harmonious and integrated territory you'll find anymore. Blacks and whites from all stations share the same Walmart, schools, neighborhoods.  It's a far cry from the rigidly defined and racially segregated ghettos of Chicago, or the violent race riots here in Charlotte where, for example, a white photographer was knocked unconscious and almost thrown on a bonfire in the street before the brave Charlotte police saved him. (Burning a man in the street! I never would have imagined it.) Here in tidy-town Charlotte, the blacks shop at Food Lion and the whites shop at Harris Teeter. Urban America and Rural America are two different countries sharing the same territory, but the Urban America has all the money.

The point that I'm rambling towards is this: First, that this country is governed by the big cities. That's where the money, power, and cheap votes are. Second, the prevailing thought of the cities is becoming increasingly intolerant of whites, males, and Christians in particular, so much so that it's beginning to sound like Stalin talking about the kulaks. Stalin, who, with his fellow Soviet comrades, murdered and starved 60 million people before the wall finally came down. Singling out a segment of the population as irredeemable is really a bold statement. It says that they cannot be allowed to continue as part of our society. This is the kind of thing that's said before they start throwing people into the Gulags. I know it sounds hyperbolic, but this kind of thinking has been canonical to the hard left since the 60's, and the Obamas and the Clintons were educated right in the middle of it. The beliefs that were, back then, the territory of Frank Marshall Davis and Bill Ayers are now mainstream for almost half the population. Beliefs matter. As soon as we're wrapped up in a major war or a major economic collapse (both of which seem imminent), the stage is already set to blame the whites, males, Christians and their families. Once the action starts, it's going to morph into blaming anyone who is anti-socialist, but its starts with the pre-defined public enemy. Just like it started with the Jews in Germany and the Kulaks in Russia. This is textbook socialist praxis

I find it sadly hilarious that the social trajectory that is now reaching its terminal phase began with the Civil Rights movement. I also feel very sorry for urban Black Americans sometimes. The liberals sold them a false bill of goods with the CRA, and everything got steadily worse for them after that point, when the gave up their bootstrap philosophy and adopted one of the aggrieved dependent. Just look at the historical stats on literacy, crime, and children born out of wedlock. But, things really went downhill for everyone in different ways after the philosophical revolution of the 60's. A generation later and we're ripe for the political revolution. How else can you explain the popularity of deranged psychos like Hillary? She's a real-life Immortan Joe for crying out loud. Trump is simply riding the last sub-rational heave of revulsion against the tide of socialist revolution. I don't think he fully grasps what's happening beneath the surface issues of immigration and NAFTA. 

The 50's were the high tide of our civilization. We may peak again in my kids' lifetime, but it's going to have to be with a different civilization ruling the West than the one we have now. That will be a tough row to hoe.