Want to Fix Healthcare? Put the Christians in Charge.

Did you get to keep your plan? My family didn't. Our plan was cancelled and our healthcare premiums went through the roof. By the time we told BCBS to go pound sand, our monthly bill from them had more than doubled, and was even larger than our mortgage payment. At that point, we decided to seek alternative means of coverage. 

The "Affordable Care Act" has well and truly destroyed the US healthcare system, which is now circling the drain. I'm sure you have read story after story about it. In 2016 I've grow weary of making the case that Government needs to get its claws off healthcare and let the people work it out themselves. 

You know who should be running the US healthcare system? The Christian Church! Christians, who by God's grace, hewed this great civilization out of the savage wilderness starting four-hundred years ago, also built the greatest healthcare system known to man. "Presbyterian", "Baptist", "St. Jude"... Interesting names for hospitals. (Maybe that's why Obama wants them destroyed.) The entire hospital system was built from the ground up on the basis of Christian evangelism through medical ministry and charity. And on that foundation was build the greatest healthcare system in human history, bar none. 

Then came modernity, the state, the and the creeping death: regulations. Compliance costs, licensing requirements, blah blah blah. If you're trying to keep a hospital running, and your costs keep going up, where do you have to cut back? Charity, mainly. And the government was all too happy to carry that load, because with it came dependency and a new political lever: The modern political cudgel of "healthcare", always the focus of lavish promises and grave threats. Healthcare was a shiny new wedge to drive into the fracture that has now irreparably divided our nation. 

Now from the right we hear things like "repeal and replace." Replace with what? How about nothing. How about we repeal every piece of federal regulation ever written and disband the FDA, NIH, and all the rest of the acronymic bureaucracies that have choked the life out of American healthcare. Let's also scrap medicare and medicaid, and every onerous tax that funds them. Do you know who will stand in the gap and carry that load? Christians. And we'd do a much better job of it too. It's our system, we build it, and Americans are going to suffer more and more until we man-up and take it back.

I have no idea how Christians are going to take back the healthcare system, but we should. I think it will be a helluva fight, though. The ruling class hasn't had to give up anything in a long time.