The Return of Lynching, and the Task Before Us

While the leftist end of the population grew more and more psychotic over the last decade, they had Obama in office to pacify their violent urges to a large degree. They saw him as their enforcer, and the one who was putting points on the board for them. Now that they have been dispossessed of their political power, all that energy is going to go out into the streets rather than into politics. 

Witness a lynching. 

They are calling for blood.

The massive political power-shift of 2016 is not a strategic victory for the Right. It's only a tactical victory. Looking beyond simple street violence, the left will now somewhat vacate the political battlefield for a time and focus their efforts on three primary angles of attack. 

1. Street violence and intimidation: especially if entitlement programs are cut during the impending budget crisis. 

2. Infiltration of some business and academia: purging of the university faculty will accelerate. They are going to be fighting ever-harder for the mind of the native youth, especially if their efforts to import leftists are stymied by immigration controls. 

3. Social Justice "lawfare": primarily in blue states/cities with fellow-travelers in the judiciary. The little blue islands on the political map are going to get darker as they strike their enemies on the terrain they still dominate. 

The most valuable thing we have gained in the election 2016 is breathing room. We took some territory that we can work on securing. We are no longer going to have constant incoming fire from the federal government, at least for a few years. We need to think strategically how best to utilize this time and space we have while we have it. Some goals: 

1. Political entrenchment: Raze their citadels and salt the earth. I'm talking about political redistricting, replacing judges at every level, and strict voter ID laws. Eliminate early voting. Let's repeal the 19th amendment if we can get away with it! We have seen what they do when they have political power. Let's cut them off from as much of it as we can while we can. Let's do to their political logistics capability what Obamacare did to the healthcare market. 

2. Dismantle the Marxist-Educational Complex: Student loans, the Department of Education, government scholarships and grants: eliminate it all. This money is used for political indoctrination and we have to stop it. The next generation must be educated, not indoctrinated. There is a giant intellectual and philosophical hole in our population- those who graduated high school  after the year 2000 or so. The hole has been getting wider every year. It's a hole mostly full of uneducated people with a twisted, Marxist worldview. The education system produced it. We need to drain that swamp right now. 

3. Reignite the economic engine of Western Civilization: Volumes could be written. In simplest form: (a.) Balance the budget no matter what. Return the military to a truly defensive posture and slash and-burn-entitlement spending. We can't afford either any more. The 10th amendment is a surgeon's scalpel. Get to work, Dr. Trump. (b.) Fix trade and reform labor laws. All those former welfare recipients are going to need jobs. (c.) Cut taxes. We need re-investment in productive activity, not political redistribution. (d.) Return to sound monetary policy. Let interest rates rise. Stop printing money. 

4. Start winning the street: Rightist business owners need to start getting loud and fighting back against intimidation infiltration from the left. Got a social justice warrior on the payroll causing grief in the office? Fire her. Fire anyone that stands up for her. The HR manager's office has been used as a weapon of the left for too long. It cannot be neutral ground any more. Are you a Christian business owner? Only hire legit Christians. Do business with other Christians preferentially. Deprive leftist business of your money. Close your accounts at Wells Fargo. Cancel your plan with BCBS. Starve them out. 

Now is the time to start taking territory and scalps. Get busy. 

Meanwhile, remember: the streets of urban America will not be safe for us. We have to accomplish all the above objectives while operating in very hostile territory full of embittered enemy. The fight in the ballot box is over for now. The fight now it moves to academia, the bureaucracy, and the street. Let's use this small victory to accomplish more of them. 

Be careful out there.