Trump Matters, but Trump Does Not Matter

Something really great happened this week. God spared us another 4 years of our country being run by Marxist authoritarians. Let's all take a minute and be thankful that Hillary didn't win. Doesn't that feel nice? 

Now let's remember that Trump is not our savior or hero. He cannot fight our battles for us, and he shouldn't. Trump is a hand grenade that we have thrown at the corrupt Washington DC ruling class. We want him to explode and cause chaos, but it's up to us to capture the ideological high-ground from the enemy, and fortify it. 

Farming out our personal duties as the vanguard of human freedom (and the Church Militant) to politicians is what got us into this mess. The Christian Right needs to re-claim that flag and carry it personally - every man.

Do you, college administrator, have the power to fire a godless leftist from the university at which you work? Do it and hire a Christian in his place. Take responsibility for the minds of the students, and defend them from the poison that has been flowing in the veins of academia too long. This is why you are in the job in the first place. Don't wait for Trump to do it for you. 

Do you, business owner, have the option to close your accounts at Wells Fargo and move that money to Christian Right (or at least politically neutral) territory? Do it! We must starve them. It is your job to do so, not Trump's. 

Even those of the most modest means can vote with their money, their feet, and their family. Move away from godless leftist controlled cities and deprive them of your taxes. Don't buy the products of companies like Wells Fargo and PepsiCo. Don't shop at Target and other businesses that use their marketing to corrupt the minds of children. Don't send your children to schools that will teach them godlessness and communist ideology. These are not boycotts with demands to be met for a return to ante bellum conditions. These are scorched-earth divorces. Cast them out forever. 

A few years of political chaos in DC is going to give us some economic breathing room, and some ideological space to work. This battle is yours to fight. Start fighting.