End of the Line for 'The Race Card'

The election of Trump means a lot of interesting things about what's happening in the country. Here's just one: The "race card" is played out. Liberals can scream and make accusations of racism and sexism all they want. They gave it everything they had this election. Anyone opposed to Hillary was a sexist klansman and worse. Months and months of the most vile blood-libel coming from every ivory tower, 24-7. 

We. Don't. Care. Any. More.

I remember the year that I realized that jealous and unproductive people were always going to accuse me of racism out of their jealousy, and I ceased caring about that those people said or thought about me. It was liberating. Many Americans experienced that same feeling this week when they decided to hurl the hand-grenade that is Trump at the ruling class, despite being attacked from every side. I'm very happy for them.