'Too Late' or 'Finally Time'?

In a conversation with a friend recently, we shared a bleak view of the GOP, and the political prospects for conservative Christians generally. My friend expressed hesitation at the idea that it's politically "too late" to salvage the Christian-conservative political force that once (sometimes) directed the path of the GOP. I could understand why I was being understood as taking the "too late" position, but that's not really my view of the map at all. 

I think, rather, that it's finally time for Christians to leave our false hopes in the GOP behind. Really, what have they accomplished for us? How do you feel about the political progress made against abortion? The state of education? Personal liberty? Economic liberty? What about the free reign of the Church as the stewards of Christian charity and the care for the poor? 

The path forward for the Church is not a political one. There's work to be done and it's not going to be mediated and organized by a bunch of atheist bureaucrats. 

The GOP as become an idol, and a dumb one. Let's make our appeals to heaven, instead.