Burning down the house?

Feel the diversity!

Sister of latest excuse to burn down the 'hood urges the Milwaukee rioters to burn down the suburbs instead. You know, because White People. 

That's, "we need our weave." As in, hair extensions. 

Who's going to pay for her first-world lifestyle if they burn down the suburbs? I don't think she's thought that idea through to it's second and third-order effects. I can't speak for Minnesota, but that plan would not be successful in my suburb. I hope they stop and think before taking the riot outside the wire. 

As some invertibrate on CNN makes a veiled suggestion that this all some how my fault, my eyes roll back in my head at such a speed as to slow the rotation of the earth.

I have a legit, serious question here: How do I share the Gospel with that person? Under what circumstances can I speak words of life to someone with that kind of burning hatred for me? I don't have an answer. 

It's an important question though, because that deranged mindset on display in the video above is a core part of the philosophical and moral trajectory of a large part of our society. Complete Nietzschean ethical transvaluation. Lawlessness is virtue. Lawfulness is evil. How do you speak to that? How do you share a society with that? 

Today? I pray for them and carry a weapon. 

I recently had the opportunity to voluntarily associate with, and place a degree of trust in the word of two complete strangers on two separate occasions. 

The first occasion was a complete failure. The individual did not deliver on his word, and lied to and cheated several people. His actions brought (thankfully minor) trouble to several other people involved. Someone lost $60. Someone else almost got hurt.

The second occasion was a complete success. The stranger gave his word and honored it when he could have easily taken advantage. He had the opportunity to run off with a $50 dollar tool, but returned it, completely unsupervised and with no accountability. 

Ideas really do have consequences.