Not My Department

So, apparently the DOJ sent a letter down to Louisiana to warn them not to be racist in their flood-recovery efforts. 

It's stuff like this. I can't even. 

Here's Ret. Col. Rob Maness, currently running for Senate, with a much better retort than I can come up with: 

You know what? We’re tired of being called racists. And I think that that’s the number one issue in the United States of America. Those people [at the DOJ] can just go to hell. They’re not my Department of Justice

And people wonder why we Southerners almost universally resent and distrust the Feds since forever. Red Stick gets hit with a thousand-year flood, and the Fed's send a letter, apropos of nothing, telling them not to be racist. Thanks, guys. 

"Hey bro. Sorry your house burned down. BTW, check your privilege and make sure not to micro-aggress anybody while sifting through the ashes." 

If I didn't know better, I'd think that the legit civil rights movement died out in the 60's after the CRA was passed, and was quickly resurrected as a horrible marxist zombie-movement bent on the destruction of our society and the expropriation of private resources for political means. But, that would be ridiculous...