QOTD: Irrepressable Conflict

"It is part of the failure of the West to understand that it is at grips with an enemy having no moral viewpoint with itself, that two irreconcilable viewpoints and standards of judgement, two irreconcilable moralities, proceeding from two irreconcilable readings of man's fate and future are involved, and, hence, their conflict is irrepressible."

- Whittaker Chambers, Witness

Mr. Chambers was an agent of the Communist underground apparatus working to infiltrate the US government in the 1930's. He later broke with the party, renounced communism, and testified against his former partners in crime before the House Un-American Affairs Committee. 

His autobiography, Witness, is one of the greatest and most important works written on the struggle for men to live free in their conscience before God in the modern age.