Intersectionality, Indeed.

In all the media swirl surrounding 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick's sitting in protest of the national anthem before a game (because white people), I'm surprised to read that Kaepernick is a recent convert to islam. That little bit of knowledge, plus his recent involvement with racist/marxist "black lives matter" movement, are the latest in a series of events that convince me more and more that there is a convergence between racist/marxist black-nationalism and muslim jihad happening in the US. 

Finally! A practical use for intersectional social theory!

Sounds crazy? How about this story about the construction of a mosque in Newton County, GA? Set aside the fact that the builders called it a "Church" in order to deceive the residents and planning board members. Now there is a fight over the approval of their plans, and residents are saying things like this at the board meetings:  

“I don’t want these people and these teachings in our community. Were we not watching our TV on Sept. 11, 2001? Have we lost our mind? Have we lost our common sense here?”

Oh, heavens!

Now that the public is onto them, guess who is coming to the legal aid of these sneaky muslims? Georgia CAIR (of course.) and Georgia NAACP (surprise!). Maybe I'm late to this party, but doesn't that seem like a strange partnership? I'm not aware there being any muslim/arab slaves in the antebellum South. Not to mention the irony of the NAACP partnering with the premier lobbying arm of the all-time world champions of slavery. Muslims have been enslaving whoever they could catch for longer than the USA has existed, and continue the practice today from the middle east, to England.

Without any clear historical motive for their cooperation, that leaves ideology and money.  I think there is a pretty high correlation between between the list of Whiteys and the list of Infidels that need to be subjugated in the United States, so there's going to be some tactical benefits to both BLM and Jihad in this partnership. As for money, the 2015 NAACP-LDF IRS paperwork had the sources of their $14M in revenue neatly obscured by eight different fundraising entities, so I'm not sure there's an easy way to find out how much of their annual budget comes from Saudi oil money. Alas.

[Aside: I'm not discussing the NOI here, though certainly germane, simply because they have been a known bad-actor for so long that nobody cares to hear about them any more. They are the Code Pink of racist/marxist black-nationalism.]

Maybe, after fifty years, Grievance Inc. is finally leaving the plantation of the Democrat Party for the plantation of jihad. Maybe not, but I bet we'll soon know. At any rate, there is a clear correlation in both groups' preferred methods of street-level messaging.