Vewy Shushpishush

So, apparently the US is ceding control of the internet over the the UN. You can read all about it here. The whole issue revolves around Icann, being a US legal entity, having a monopoly of control over the 'tubes and how they run. Unless Congress blocks it, it appears that the UN will have jurisdiction over the inter-tubes as of Sept 30th. 

Right before the election? Really? Either the President is getting a huge kickback for something he knows is going to totally wreck the internet and modern free political speech, or this is all part of the plan to wreck and derail an election that the Dems know they are about to lose. (Or, both.) Free flow of information on the internet would be the critical weakness in any coup attempt when the vote doesn't go their way. And, yes, I'd consider invalidating the results of the election on the pretense that it was hacked by "the Russians" a form of coup.

My inflamed paranoia gland aside, the internet was a huge gift to the world from America. If any foreigners want to lay claim to operational authority over it, they can and should go pound large quantities of sand. Ingrates. Whatever goodness comes out of the internet (probably a very small fraction of total content served) could only have sprung up within the moral incubation chamber of free speech and expression that is (sadly) exclusively of the American Tradition. (I emphasize tradition as distinct from trajectory.) In Europe, people are arrested, just for example, for making the argument on social media that Islam is a hyper-violent political movement that's going to turn major European cities into crime ridden hell-holes. I think Europe has pretty much given up on the whole free speech thing. We're the last redoubt. 

Also, keep in mind that the UN is populated with corrupt leftists through-and-through. Think of it like the hollowed-out volcano hideout of the Caviar Stalinists. So, if the UN has jurisdiction over how the internet is run and regulated, it's actually going to be much easier for the the corrupt leftists in US elected offices to shut down dissenting political speech from the right than if the US courts had jurisdiction. And moreover, the dissident-right will have no recourse. Hey, nice Alt-Right website you have there. Down the memory hole it goes. Videos of Hillary seizing, collapsing, and being lifted into her campaign ambulance? Zap. Never happened. 

Maybe this political season has got me a little paranoid. Excuse me while I go buy a few boxes of printer paper.