Exciting Weekend

The fun never stops in Crazy Land: 

  1. Colonial Pipeline shut down due to rupture, causing fuel shortage for the entire eastern seaboard for at least a week. The EPA has to approve any repair plans, which means this is going to be a problem for a while. Cause of the pipe rupture is unknown. This is a bigger deal than we are being told. 
  2. Underground transformer blows up in Charlottesville, VA. Cause unknown. Normally I wouldn't think this is interesting, except for the timing. 
  3. Many IEDs found and or detonated in NY and NJ. Women and Minorities hardest hit. 
  4. US leads a bombing raid against Syrian Army "accidentally", which leads to a big victory for IS. Whatever the point of all this insane MENA intervention is, it has nothing to do with National Security any more. 
  5. Peaceful Muslim peacefully stabs 8 people in St. Cloud, MN. Diversity is our strength. The population is encouraged to refrain from racism and micro-aggressions.

So, what's the left hand doing?