Long Weekend Miscellany

Some knives went through heat-treating. All survived! 

We also grilled enough meat to put our own little hole in the ozone layer. (Is the ozone layer still a thing? It's hard to keep up with this stuff.) 

In national news, the campaign of the Coughing Oven Mitt is reinforcing the narrative of an election to be rigged by the Russians. I mentioned this last week, and it's continuing. The goal here is to get the rhetorical and memetic tools in place to invalidate a Clinton loss. I think it's a mistake to underestimate the 2nd and 3rd order effects of this, should she succeed in getting the election results tossed out in either the Federal Court, or the Court of Public Opinion. 

I actually am about 50% persuaded that the Dems have known they are going to lose this election for a long time, and that Clinton is their Bob Dole: someone to keep up appearances during their rebuilding term. The only goal for them in this cycle is to do as much damage as they can on the way out. The best way to do that is to sow doubt about the legitimacy of their opponent's victory. It's like the Soviets burning all the grain in Stalingrad while retreating before the German 6th Army. "OK, you can have the city, but you won't be able to survive the winter, and we'll regroup overrun you in the spring when you're all starved and frozen."

The plan eventually worked for the Soviet Army, but it wasn't a very good deal for the residents of Stalingrad. Likewise, the Dems may succeed in sowing enough doubt in the validity of the election results to spoil Trump's first term (or prevent it entirely?), but I think there would be profound negative effects on the ground for all of us, not that it matters much to would-be Emperor Cat-lady and the rest of the Cloud People. 

Lest anyone think I'm only making excuses for Trump's certain poor performance as president: I think he'll be a poor president regardless. I certainly don't expect to benefit from a Trump presidency even if he has a glorious and spotless victory. I'm just charting the moral trajectory of 21st century American politics to it's terminus.