Those meddlin' Ruskies!

I thought I might be nuts last week when I mentioned the nonsense idea floating around the mainstream media about the Russians rigging the election for Trump. Lo and behold, this week the idea is all over the alt-right internet that the Dems have contrived the whole ridiculous scenario in order to invalidate a Trump victory. SECDEF Ash Carter even publicly shook his fist at the Russians warning them to stay out of our dang elections!

Know this: our election system is divided up into thousands of individually operating precincts, using a vast variety of voting machines and methods. It is not possible to "hack" our national election process from the outside in a meaningful way by current technology. A large number of precincts still use paper ballots (mine included), for crying out loud. This whole idea is complete baloney. 

On the other hand, if DHS were to take over the election process as a "critical infrastructure", standardize and centralize it, and negate any local oversight, it would be much easier for a foreign actor to throw the election by means of hacking. Of course, this is exactly what DHS has been signaling they want to do. 

The truth of the matter is that the ruling class are trying to make lemonade out of this lemon of an election cycle where they are stuck with a complete stinker of a candidate with no hope of success. If they can convince the public that the election was thrown to Trump by "THE RUSSIANS", then they'll have the pretext to do any number of horrible things they have been drooling over. Such as: 

  1. Place the national election cycle under the management and control of DHS. ("If anyone is going to hack the election, it should be US!"
  2. Spoil Trump's term by delegitimizing it, and creating a instant insurgency out of a large portion of the population.
  3. Dramatically escalate the now simmering proxy war with Russia.
  4. Declare an "National Emergency" and... Let your imagination run wild. 

Bottom line: When slimy politicians see an inevitable defeat coming, they don't place all their bets on a win anyway. Instead, they try to turn the loss into a pyrrhic victory for the enemy. They burn the city while retreating to make it useless to the new occupants. That's what's going on here with all this talk of scary Russian hackers.