Trump Matters, but Trump Does Not Matter

Something really great happened this week. God spared us another 4 years of our country being run by Marxist authoritarians. Let's all take a minute and be thankful that Hillary didn't win. Doesn't that feel nice? 

Now let's remember that Trump is not our savior or hero. He cannot fight our battles for us, and he shouldn't. Trump is a hand grenade that we have thrown at the corrupt Washington DC ruling class. We want him to explode and cause chaos, but it's up to us to capture the ideological high-ground from the enemy, and fortify it. 

Farming out our personal duties as the vanguard of human freedom (and the Church Militant) to politicians is what got us into this mess. The Christian Right needs to re-claim that flag and carry it personally - every man.

Do you, college administrator, have the power to fire a godless leftist from the university at which you work? Do it and hire a Christian in his place. Take responsibility for the minds of the students, and defend them from the poison that has been flowing in the veins of academia too long. This is why you are in the job in the first place. Don't wait for Trump to do it for you. 

Do you, business owner, have the option to close your accounts at Wells Fargo and move that money to Christian Right (or at least politically neutral) territory? Do it! We must starve them. It is your job to do so, not Trump's. 

Even those of the most modest means can vote with their money, their feet, and their family. Move away from godless leftist controlled cities and deprive them of your taxes. Don't buy the products of companies like Wells Fargo and PepsiCo. Don't shop at Target and other businesses that use their marketing to corrupt the minds of children. Don't send your children to schools that will teach them godlessness and communist ideology. These are not boycotts with demands to be met for a return to ante bellum conditions. These are scorched-earth divorces. Cast them out forever. 

A few years of political chaos in DC is going to give us some economic breathing room, and some ideological space to work. This battle is yours to fight. Start fighting. 

QOTD: Soviets

I handled hundreds of signals to all parts of the Soviet Union which were couched in the following form: "To N.K.V.D., Frunze. You are charged with the task of exterminating 10,000 enemies of the people. Report results by signal.--Yezhov." And in due course the reply would come back: "In reply to yours of such-and-such date, the following enemies of the Soviet people have been shot." 

-Former Soviet Spy-Chief Vladimir Petrov


Life Advice From Smokestack

If anyone, when making a rhetorical appeal to you, uses any sequential combination of the words, "racist," "sexist," "homophobic," and "xenophobic", you must immediately disregard everything that person says or thinks, and smash a pie in their face (if you are fortunate enough to be holding one at the time). 

The same rule applies to anyone rattling off a list of sacred-cow minorities (black, hispanic, womyn, LGBTQ, etc.) while trying to make some lame social-justice argument. Disregard. Pie in face. 

The rhetorical devices that these people use are learned through years of marching in street-protests (instead of working), chanting low-IQ liberal mantras, and waving misspelled signs. Dead giveaways.

You don't have to listen. You don't have to hear them out. You don't have to be polite. The power of "political correctness" shaming is officially used up and destroyed. We don't care any more. Tell them to go pound sand. You've got work to do.

The Christian Right built Western Civilization, and now were going to rescue it from the godless communists that have been tearing it down for the last 50 years. They no longer get a voice in the matter. 

After applying face-pie, completely disregard this non-person. 

After applying face-pie, completely disregard this non-person. 

The Return of Lynching, and the Task Before Us

While the leftist end of the population grew more and more psychotic over the last decade, they had Obama in office to pacify their violent urges to a large degree. They saw him as their enforcer, and the one who was putting points on the board for them. Now that they have been dispossessed of their political power, all that energy is going to go out into the streets rather than into politics. 

Witness a lynching. 

They are calling for blood.

The massive political power-shift of 2016 is not a strategic victory for the Right. It's only a tactical victory. Looking beyond simple street violence, the left will now somewhat vacate the political battlefield for a time and focus their efforts on three primary angles of attack. 

1. Street violence and intimidation: especially if entitlement programs are cut during the impending budget crisis. 

2. Infiltration of some business and academia: purging of the university faculty will accelerate. They are going to be fighting ever-harder for the mind of the native youth, especially if their efforts to import leftists are stymied by immigration controls. 

3. Social Justice "lawfare": primarily in blue states/cities with fellow-travelers in the judiciary. The little blue islands on the political map are going to get darker as they strike their enemies on the terrain they still dominate. 

The most valuable thing we have gained in the election 2016 is breathing room. We took some territory that we can work on securing. We are no longer going to have constant incoming fire from the federal government, at least for a few years. We need to think strategically how best to utilize this time and space we have while we have it. Some goals: 

1. Political entrenchment: Raze their citadels and salt the earth. I'm talking about political redistricting, replacing judges at every level, and strict voter ID laws. Eliminate early voting. Let's repeal the 19th amendment if we can get away with it! We have seen what they do when they have political power. Let's cut them off from as much of it as we can while we can. Let's do to their political logistics capability what Obamacare did to the healthcare market. 

2. Dismantle the Marxist-Educational Complex: Student loans, the Department of Education, government scholarships and grants: eliminate it all. This money is used for political indoctrination and we have to stop it. The next generation must be educated, not indoctrinated. There is a giant intellectual and philosophical hole in our population- those who graduated high school  after the year 2000 or so. The hole has been getting wider every year. It's a hole mostly full of uneducated people with a twisted, Marxist worldview. The education system produced it. We need to drain that swamp right now. 

3. Reignite the economic engine of Western Civilization: Volumes could be written. In simplest form: (a.) Balance the budget no matter what. Return the military to a truly defensive posture and slash and-burn-entitlement spending. We can't afford either any more. The 10th amendment is a surgeon's scalpel. Get to work, Dr. Trump. (b.) Fix trade and reform labor laws. All those former welfare recipients are going to need jobs. (c.) Cut taxes. We need re-investment in productive activity, not political redistribution. (d.) Return to sound monetary policy. Let interest rates rise. Stop printing money. 

4. Start winning the street: Rightist business owners need to start getting loud and fighting back against intimidation infiltration from the left. Got a social justice warrior on the payroll causing grief in the office? Fire her. Fire anyone that stands up for her. The HR manager's office has been used as a weapon of the left for too long. It cannot be neutral ground any more. Are you a Christian business owner? Only hire legit Christians. Do business with other Christians preferentially. Deprive leftist business of your money. Close your accounts at Wells Fargo. Cancel your plan with BCBS. Starve them out. 

Now is the time to start taking territory and scalps. Get busy. 

Meanwhile, remember: the streets of urban America will not be safe for us. We have to accomplish all the above objectives while operating in very hostile territory full of embittered enemy. The fight in the ballot box is over for now. The fight now it moves to academia, the bureaucracy, and the street. Let's use this small victory to accomplish more of them. 

Be careful out there.

No Time for Unity

Last night, while they were still counting votes in Pennsylvania, the kum-bye-yah chorus began to grow. We began hearing how Trump, his supporters, and the broader GOP must be humble and magnanimous in their victory. The media-types thoughtfully implored us to reach out across the ideological divide and heal the mysterious American spirit of universal brotherhood that should bind us together with the Left in a tender swoon of compromise and accommodation. They started telling us that we have an obligation not to shut them out. We must be bipartisan in our governance. 

What a load of garbage. 

These same people, who have been undermining the foundations of Western Civilization since the 60's, and call us sexists and racists when we resist them in the slightest way, now want us to accommodate with them and compromise with them? These people, who have been setting lynch mobs loose on destructive riots in our cities, want us to play nice?


Now is the time for the Christian-Right to conquer and dominate the political landscape. I'm sorry to say this, Conservatives, but there's nothing left for us to conserve. The mission is now a reconquest and rebuilding mission, and the firm-but-kind methods of "conserving" an existing way of life are not adequate to the task of rebuilding one in the face of a tenacious enemy. This task is is for extremists and reactionaries. Conservatives, like me, need to start hardening up and reacting like crazy sons-of-guns. We need to start making the enemy's nightmares of last night come true. 

The cry-bullies on the left are begging for our restraint right now, but they show no restraint at all when they are about their tasks of destruction. Over the last eight years they have been aggressively destroying the moral, cultural, religious, and philosophical foundations our land as aggressively as they could. They showed no restraint or mercy, and they were very effective. The poison pill that is Obamacare was rammed down our throats without a single republican vote. How's that for bipartisanship and respect for the minority? How's that for restraint?

Now the Left, dispossessed of their seats of power in the government, need to be given (at best) an uncomfortable seat on the sidelines while we save Western Civilization from the Athiest/Marxist collapse that they have been working towards in search of their Utopia. No more compromise or accommodation. Compromise and accommodation from the Right is the grease that keeps their civilizational death-machine moving. The confiscated products of our labor are its fuel.  It's time to destroy the machine, and deprive them of the means to re-create it. We have this one chance to blow that machine sky-high, take away their tools and burn their books. 

Let me just remind you, Christian, what kind of enemy we are dealing with. These people believe that it's just fine to rip a newborn baby limb-from-limb as long as it's done before the baby passes through the birth canal. Look at your children! Do you want them to grow up in a culture where these sick people have any power, especially if you had the chance to take that power from them? We must never compromise with people like that on anything. On the contrary, we have the moral obligation to oppose them at every opportunity, and deny them political power by any means when they threaten us with it. 

Don't be fooled by appeals for "democratic" cooperation for the sake of "getting things done." Democracy is a means of organization and cooperation only suited for morally and philosophically homogenous groups. The United States is not such a group, and in 2016,  accomodative democracy is a weapon that the communist enemy uses to defeat and disposess us. 

Don't buy into their pleas for unity and reconciliation with the left now that we have some potential ability to undo their destructive work of the last eight (or fifty) years. It's a scam meant to paralyze us.

Leftist paradises are always built upon heaps of dead. Stalin. Hitler. Mao. Give them no quarter. It's time to rebuild the ramparts of our once-great civilization and bedeck them guns. It's time to push the enemy back outside the gates while we can. The opportunity will not last long. 

End of the Line for 'The Race Card'

The election of Trump means a lot of interesting things about what's happening in the country. Here's just one: The "race card" is played out. Liberals can scream and make accusations of racism and sexism all they want. They gave it everything they had this election. Anyone opposed to Hillary was a sexist klansman and worse. Months and months of the most vile blood-libel coming from every ivory tower, 24-7. 

We. Don't. Care. Any. More.

I remember the year that I realized that jealous and unproductive people were always going to accuse me of racism out of their jealousy, and I ceased caring about that those people said or thought about me. It was liberating. Many Americans experienced that same feeling this week when they decided to hurl the hand-grenade that is Trump at the ruling class, despite being attacked from every side. I'm very happy for them. 


QOTD: Good Plan

"A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed at some indefinite time in the future."  

-- George S. Patton Jr.


Perhaps you, like me, were dumb enough to click on a lame click-bait video of Lena Dunham and her father giggling about "the extinction of straight white men.

Any consideration of what those non-viable protein blobs were discussing inevitably leads to some formulation of the question, "what happens when you run all the straight white men out of a civilization they built?" The answer is Zimbabwe.